Why Wellbeing Coaches are Awesome

Health and Wellbeing Coaching with Dr Claire Maguire

If you have done a coach training course with me then you will certainly know about my passion for coaching!

With International Coaching Week approaching from May 17-23, let’s delve into why coaching is such a powerful tool for enhancing health and wellbeing.

When someone is facing challenges, they have choices in seeking help. So, why opt for a health and wellbeing coach?

Firstly we need to understand what a coach is.

A coach is someone who empowers an individual to make choices and set goals to achieve their desired results. It is a forward moving modality which is proactive in enabling an individual to effect change and in doing so see tangible results.

This, I believe, is incredibly important as results give you confidence, results help you to believe in yourself and what you are capable of. Results can lead to a lifestyle change, new habits, behaviours, attitude and an ability to take ownership of your health and wellbeing. You understand that you have the power to change. You are empowered through the action you take.

We can all have challenges, we can all at times succumb to the pressure, setbacks and demands of our daily life which can result in reaching for ‘unhealthy’ coping strategies. If these coping strategies end up with you feeling worse about yourself then your wellbeing suffers even more. It is often at this point we seek change.

Perhaps when looking for change, you wish to be told what to do, to be given a plan and told to follow it… this is a prescriptive model; do this to get a result. Whilst this can be effective if someone is unsure of what to do, it often doesn’t bring lasting behaviour change as they become reliant on another to tell them what to do.

The beauty of a health and wellbeing coach, is they listen without judgement, they ask thought provoking questions, they work with your strengths to find creative solutions and strategies to overcome obstacles. A coach believes in your ability to effect change. This can instil a sense of resilience, as you learn what you need to feel better.

There is something incredibly freeing about being able to take ownership of your wellbeing.

Can you effect change and improve your health and wellbeing on your own?

For sure, some people can but many cannot. We are often our own worst enemies by negotiating with ourselves and putting off what we need. A coach, therefore, is invaluable to holding you accountable, for providing focus and keeping you motivated to reach for your goals. It’s worth noting that when it comes to setting goals, a coach will help you set realistic goals which inspire you. A coach becomes a valuable support system.

I am a firm believer in asking; who do I want to become, what do I want my life to look like, how can I take care of me, what do I need for my health and wellbeing? This mindset encourages small steps towards a transformed life.

Coaches help you to create long-term meaningful change.

If you wish to empower people to shift towards an improved mindset, then Health and Wellbeing Coaching is for you.

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