Do you want to inspire people to be happier, healthier and live well?

Discover our interactive virtual wellbeing coach training course


Do you want to inspire people to be happier, healthier and live well?

Discover our interactive virtual wellbeing coach training course

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Why study wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a buzz word and an area of intense and current interest. We need to tend to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness; as it is imperative to a life lived well that we understand how we as individuals and as community look after ourselves and each other.  With the world turned upside down due to the pandemic, the time to look after ourselves and others has never been at a higher demand.

How do we coach around our wellbeing?

This question is the central theme we answer on our immersive, comprehensive and accredited 5 day coaching course. We explore topics ranging from stress management to coping strategies, from self care to goal setting, from mindfulness to emotions and a whole load more.

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Motivate people to achieve their wellbeing dreams

We teach you the skills, equip you with expert knowledge and create confidence in your abilities as a coach to instil profound change.

Your knowledge and commitment can create a worldwide ripple of change

We encourage you to join us and be a part of this wonderful industry

What You Will Learn On This Course

Delivered via our Zoom classroom with live teaching, lively group discussion, question + answer sessions, and break-out rooms to implement new skills.

Plus a comprehensive manual to compliment the teaching, homework and time for coach practise.

"I have learned so much. The whole course was well scheduled and the quality is fantastic.” Sarah H.

  • The course is structured into distinct learning modules, as outlined below.
  • Teaching is over 5 days Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 5.30am (GMT), with breaks and time for lunch.
  • Extra time will be needed in the evening to complete your homework, please note this compliments the learning and is enjoyable.
  • The course, runs once a month and  takes limited numbers to keep learning intimate and to ensure your learning is fully supported.

"Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful course. I can't believe how much we covered in 5 days. I really recommend this to anyone interested in Wellbeing and who is looking into becoming a coach.
Just do it! You won't regret it." Annabella W.

Module One:
Understanding Wellbeing

Within this module we frame what wellbeing is by looking to understand it from different perspectives from Philosophy to Positive Psychology. 

We explore the term balance and why we lack it.  

We define the role of a coach, what we do as a wellbeing coach and how it differs from other therapeutic modalities. 

We start to gain an appreciation for why a client is looking for a wellbeing coach.

Module Two:
Coaching Skills

To be an excellent coach you need the necessary essential skills:

  • Rapport building

  • Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion

  • communication

  • active and reflective listening

  • the power of asking great questions.

All will be covered within this module to ensure you are equipped to confidently work with a client.

Module Three:
Coaching Models

As a great coach we need frameworks to guide our sessions, to build strategy and momentum.

Within this module we explore:

  • the GROW model

  • visioning ideas (with script)

  • goal setting

  • coaching wheels

  • core values

  • finding opportunity  + solutions

  • role modelling

  • procrastination and persistence. 

Module Four:
Emorional Health

Our emotions are key to how we feel and interact with the world.

In this module we examine what emotions are by an understanding of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex in context of feeling, reacting, cognition and behaviour.

We look into how to gain emotional strength; explore the emotions of shame, guilt, fear, anger, disgust and love and happiness. 

We begin to understand the power of habits and the difficulties that arise in changing habitual behaviour. 

Module Five:
Managing Stress

With stress having a major impact upon our lives we dedicate an entire module to it.

From gaining a biological perspective of the nervous system, the vagal nerve to practical ways to manage stress in our day to day lives we uncover what makes us stress resilient. 

We also unpack the ways in which journalling can help your clients upon their wellbeing journey.

Module Six:
Coping + Food Relationships

We start with defining coping and the stages of change when an individual realises their current coping strategies are no longer working for them. 

We examine motivation, overcoming sabotage, why we use excuses, identifying triggers and how to resist temptation.

We work with a specific model to help break out of a negative loop pattern and in doing so enhance our relationship with food. 

We explore mindfulness through the lens of food.

Module Seven:
Meditation + Breath

A practical module where we understand the concept of neuroplasticity of the brain and why this is important for seeking change.

We explore the importance of our breath, different types of meditation and how to lead a meditation and/or breath practice.

Module Eight:
Self Care + Self Love

What is self care and why would we need it? This is a central question we examine through working with different ideas to implement routine and ritual.

We gently find ways to help a client find self love and kindness. Plus we place a focus the impact our home has upon our wellbeing.

Module Nine:
Business Boundaries

This module looks into the importance of boundaries within your business and  which boundaries are essential for your business to run smoothly. 

We explore the pros/cons of how a session is conducted.

You will work within the Association for Coaching's code of ethics.

Module Ten:
Getting Organised

We begin with why you are the right coach for a client and who is your ideal client.

We look into what coaching services you offer.

How to conduct a discovery session, what goes into a welcome pack and the legal documentation needed.

Plus what constitutes homework and taking and keeping notes.

Module Eleven:
Set for Success

It is important you start your business off with the right momentum:

  • You create a mission statement

  • unearth your limiting money belief + map out thoughts around resistance to setting up a business

  • we set a manifestation challenge

  • look at business goals through NLP

  • create a contract with yourself

Bonus Modules:
Setting up a Business

Over 6 hours of bonus videos to watch after the course has been completed on:

  • Marketing

  • Insurance

  • GDPR

  • Website Building

  • Business plans

Empower Yourself with Self Belief

Go on a journey of discovery as you develop your wisdom as a coach, take action on uplevelling your own wellness habits and be comfortable in delivering transformation for your clients