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Healthy digestion can help fight covid-19

By Andrea Maguire | 29 Jan 2021
Healthy Digestion

Over the past decade the importance of gut health has stepped into the spotlight. Ten or so years ago the term ‘gut microbiome’ was probably rarely heard outside medical and […]


Here’s how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

By Andrea Maguire | 18 Jan 2021
step by step

At the start of each year, countless people around the world resolve to change something about themselves, or indeed, many things about themselves. Whether it’s spending less time on social […]


End of Year Ritual – Say goodbye & celebrate

By Claire Maguire | 31 Dec 2020
New Year Ritual

I am sure that saying this year has been like no other, will come as no surprise. Back in March/April the word bandied around was ‘unprecedented’ – the times we […]


Here’s to Christmas 2020 – full of hope

By Andrea Maguire | 11 Dec 2020
Christmas hope

This year, with the ongoing covid pandemic affecting all our lives, how will Christmas be? Well, for a start, it seems we started getting into the Christmas spirit earlier than […]

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