The Skills & Qualities of a Wellbeing Coach

Group life coaching

Anyone can become a wellbeing life coach.

You do not need a degree in psychology, counselling or any other qualification for that matter and, currently, you do not need to be registered with any professional body.

You do not need to be of any specific age. People from their 20’s through to their 60’s have made careers as life coaches. You just need the right attitude, qualities and skills to be a great coach.

Life coaching is all about delivering great results for your clients. The passion of coaches to empower people to live the life they desire is of utmost importance.

Students include those working in the corporate arena who wish to add to their current qualifications, holistic practitioners who wish to complement their existing skills and individuals looking for a new rewarding career.

The following is a good indication of the traits required to be a great wellbeing coach:

  • Positive – the client needs to be inspired by your belief in them and your own passion for what you do
  • Empathy & passion to help others -the ability to feel and share your client’s emotions plus have a desire to help them
  • Great active listener – coaching is about listening to all the subtle signs and messages in order to understand what is going on for the client.
  • Non-opinionated – not needing to give advice, as coaching is all about facilitating the client to their own answer.
  • Non-judgmental – being open-minded enough to understand that other people have different points of view, and that in their worldview, they may correct.
  • Curious – coaching is all about asking questions so it helps to have an inquisitive mind
  • Challenging – great coaches challenge the client in many ways to create clarity, honesty and to focus on the reality
  • Observant – a great coach can spot the subtle signs of uncertainty, anxiety or apprehension but equally see the spark of excitement, the “aha” moment or the catalyst that triggers a client’s motivation
  • Good communicator – the ability to communicate effectively and clearly on many levels is vital to being a good coach
  • Honesty and integrity – a successful coaching relationship is based on trust and must be free of hidden agendas

These traits coupled together with the life coaching skill sets and wellbeing coaching techniques that Raw Horizons teaches through their accredited training course, will enable you to become a great coach.

Do you have what it takes to be a great wellbeing coach?

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