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Spring Clean Your House

Spring Clean

Dust off your dustpans and pull up your marigolds because cleaning season is here!

Spring has well and truly sprung and aren’t we glad to see it! We’re saying goodbye to the winter slump and energising ourselves for sunnier days filled with fun, frolics and friends. And with the new season in mind we’ve decided to dedicate this April to spring cleaning, but not as you know it…

For the Raw Horizons Spring Series, we will use each week of April to focus on different areas that can always use some attention and we’re going to give them a bit of seasonal dusting and tweaking to get us all feeling refreshed and ready for the brighter months ahead.

Week one sees us focus on the spring clean in its traditional sense, tidying the home. We all know it’s nice to have a tidy house, but have you ever considered the energy in your home and the effect your belongings are having on it?

‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo is a book that Claire is constantly recommending, it’s full of great tips and tricks to transform your home into an orderly place of total serenity. If you’ve not read it yet then check it out here.

And while you’re at it, why not dedicate a few hours this week to get at least one room in your home completely in order. Pour some love into your living room or make your bedroom blissful. Create areas that make you feel happy and peaceful and see the effect that this has on your day to day life.

You may even unearth a few treasures along the way…


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