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Our Words Are Powerful


“Words can inspire, and words can destroy. Choose yours well.” – Robin Sharma.

Lately, we are all so conscious of being mindful. We’re becoming mindful about keeping in the present moment. We’re applying mindfulness techniques at work and at home to free up some much needed head space. But how often are you truly mindful of your words? Are you paying enough attention to the things that you say?

The conversations and dialogue that we have daily, with friends, family, colleagues, has a real impact on us all and it’s all too easy to fire words out without really thinking them through first. As we all know, once words are spoken, they cannot be ‘unsaid’.

Our words are powerful by nature and often taken to heart by those we communicate with. Claire is here to talk you through the true power of your words and the, often unintentional, effect they can have if spoken in ‘jest’ at the wrong time.

Over the coming weeks, challenge yourself to be extra conscious of making the words that you speak kind and true, and be mindful in conversations with yourself and certainly with others. Listen carefully when communicating and heed your Mum’s advice of ‘think before you speak’.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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