Happy Holidays & a White Christmas

Christmas Lights

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a happy holiday season and all the very best for the New Year.  Here’s a small selection of the xmas lights from our local village – it’s quite a local attraction…

I made Florentine biscuits for xmas from my mother’s famous recipe.  There’s nothing healthy about these, but it is xmas after all and at least I knew their provenance…  And they’re really yummy, but I need to keep practising as they’re not as good as my mum’s!

While the weather created mayhem in the rest of the country last week, we had fresh crisp (really cold) days under a lovely blue sky.  It was definitely a beautiful white Christmas this year – our first one in our newly rennovated old farm house (even though it’s not quite finished!). The only dampener was that two family members couldn’t make it down from Scotland to join us due to the snow.

Of course we managed to over indulge yesterday but at least it was a free range turkey and goose, plus organic veggies… So we can now rest easy.

See you all in the new year with your resolutions…

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Christmas Tree

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Christmas Dinner








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