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Fierce Learning in New York


I had the wonderful opportunity to fly to New York for a masterclass around spiritual leadership, how to use spirituality in business and how to use this to serve others to step up into their truth and amazingness. It was a high energy, intense weekend with laughter, tears, conversations and lots of learning, breakthroughs and aha moments.

Which made me reflect on Raw Horizon retreats and witnessing the transformations that unfold before my eyes. The beauty, the rawness, the realness and the commitment it takes to look at oneself with honesty. To ask the questions to open the inner dialogue to find the answer. The willingness it takes to objectively look at the stories we tell and ask how do they detour us into fear? How can we release these stories that bind us and move into the place of love, so that love becomes a roar and the fear a whisper?

I was taken on this journey myself over the course of my stay in New York and the intensity of releasing and letting go, to surrender into a new energy has left me stronger and brighter. Which I am so excited to be able to share with all my future Raw Horizons guests. To teach and show them tools for protection, for release, for facing fears and to move into the space of love.

I do feel whenever we bravely and courageously step up to say yes to a period of introspection we are forever changed for the better. We become fierce.

I welcome you to join me and to I would be honoured to be a part of your learning to becoming a fierce woman.

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