Healthy digestion can help fight covid-19

By Andrea Maguire / 29 Jan 2021
Healthy Digestion

Over the past decade the importance of gut health has stepped into the spotlight. Ten or so years ago the term ‘gut microbiome’ was probably […]


Here’s how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

By Andrea Maguire / 18 Jan 2021
step by step

At the start of each year, countless people around the world resolve to change something about themselves, or indeed, many things about themselves. Whether it’s […]


Here’s to Christmas 2020 – full of hope

By Andrea Maguire / 11 Dec 2020
Christmas hope

This year, with the ongoing covid pandemic affecting all our lives, how will Christmas be? Well, for a start, it seems we started getting into […]


Thanksgiving 2020: gratitude during Covid-19

By Andrea Maguire / 20 Nov 2020
giving thanks

If someone asked whether 2020 has been one of the most difficult of your life, and you answered “yes,” you certainly would not be alone. […]


How to stay positive through the Lockdown slump

By Andrea Maguire / 6 Nov 2020
stay positive when hitting the crisis wall

It’s now been over six months since WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic. After six months of containment measures completely changing the way we live, do […]


Employers are introducing mental wellbeing help during the pandemic

By Andrea Maguire / 23 Oct 2020
Wellbeing Coaching in the Workplace

Over six months have passed since the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic. For most of us, our lives have changed completely, as we […]

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