Really this is a business in a box or a thorough self-development programme. Claire has equipped us with all the tools we need and got us fired up for success. Highly recommend.

Janet M.

A wonderful course - I highly recommend it. Claire managed to pack so much into the week, whilst maintaining everyone's interest and engagement - which was no mean feat over 5 intensive days. I feel like the course has provided me with the perfect springboard for launching my career as a well-being coach.

Lynne G.

This was a truly positive experience from start to finish. Dr Maguire is exceptionally inspirational and the course itself was well organised and informative. The whole process has made me feel more focused, knowledgeable and ready for my future as a Wellbeing Coach.

Claire-Louise H.

The course is exceptional.

Afshan D.

This course is fantastic! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a wellbeing coach. Claire is an inspirational trainer and makes the course both interesting and fun. I am ready to start using all the learning tools and strategies from this course to begin my own coaching journey.

Harminder D.

A great course! I have learned a lot and met some lovely people too.

Gracie X.

This course has not only helped me gain the information that will help me coach others for a better future but also has helped me personally and always made me realise to remember that I should always work on myself.

Katherine A.

Such an enjoyable course with like-minded people, I would recommend it to anyone who is even slightly interested! Claire was clear, honest, friendly and encouraging. Still raving about it weeks later!

Simran M.

Having spent some years acquiring knowledge in the field of wellbeing, this course built on that knowledge and gave me the formal coaching tools and techniques I needed to confidently take that knowledge out to patients and clients and deliver it in a way that I believe will be of real benefit to others. I learned a lot from the group and loved the realism of Claire's teaching.

Jackie H.

The course was really informative and enjoyable overall and it has helped to create a really solid foundation from which I can feel more confident building my own business as a wellbeing life coach.
All of the areas covered were done thoroughly and were well explained. I particularly liked the fact that Claire gave numerous examples whenever she discussed an issue and I really appreciated her passionate and enthusiastic style and her authenticity.
I also found the interactive nature of the course and the ability to talk with other attendees a big plus point as many other courses offer limited opportunities to speak with course participants in real-time (particularly some of the international coaching courses).

Kelly L.