Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing Your Queries

Addressing Your Queries

Explore what health and wellbeing coaching is, what it takes to be a great coach, the benefits of our 5-day immersive course, our accreditations and much more. If you still have any other questions or need any further information, you’re welcome to get in touch:

The awareness of the importance of wellbeing/mental health and how it underlies all personal/work areas makes this an inspiring time to join this supportive profession.

This course is for people in both the public and private sectors, who want to work privately or within organisations. We have trained people from all walks of life and all ages; all of whom wish to support holistic wellbeing.

Graduates include those working in the corporate & education arenas adding to their current qualifications, therapists & holistic practitioners who wish to complement their existing skills and individuals looking for a new rewarding career.

The opportunities opening for Wellbeing Coaches are widening immensely and include:

  • Organisation HR departments
  • Organisation Training departments
  • GP Practices (as staff or consultancy)
  • NHS Trusts for both staff & patients
  • Education facilities (schools, universities for both students & staff)
  • Charities
  • Councils
  • Care providers
  • Fitness centres & personal trainers
  • Yoga teachers & studios
  • Spas & wellness facilities
  • Holistic therapists

Career prospects are great. Our graduates have gone onto set up their own private practices and niched into areas such as parenthood, menopause, anxiety, fitness, stress management, food relationship, addiction and more.

Other graduates have taken wellbeing into the corporate world, the educational system and the charitable sector. Within the UK, we also work with NHS practitioners & Trusts.

Equally, some individuals choose to do this course for their own personal development and to help support family and friends.

Yes, our Wellbeing Coach Training Course is accredited and approved by both:

  • NHS Personalised Care Institute* &
  • The Association for Coaching.

This shows our course is of the highest training standard as it has gone through rigorous, detailed review and approval by both associations.

By gaining recognition of your training in this way, you are set to become a skilled professional coach with quality credentials and real credibility.

These accreditation benefits also include:

  • NHS England & AC endorsed Certification,
  • Membership with the NHS Personalised Care Institute* & The Association for Coaching,
  • Support from events, webinars, coaching supervision and more.

We understand the importance of choosing an accredited coach training course that has been validated and endorsed by highly respected professional organisations within the coaching and wellbeing fields.

Read more about our accreditations here…

* The Personalised Care Institute has been commissioned by NHS England, to set the standards for evidence-based training in personalised care.

Coaching is about your passion to empower people to live the life they desire.

You do not need any existing degree or qualifications. You do not need to be any specific age. People from their 20’s through to their 60’s make excellent wellbeing life coaches.

Our students include those who wish to add to their current expertise, yoga teachers & holistic practitioners who wish to complement their existing skills and individuals looking for a new rewarding career.

You just need the right attitude and qualities to be a great coach, such as:

  • Passionate: you really wish to help your clients live to their full potential.
  • Empowering: you enable your client to have self-belief for future success.
  • Good communicator: You have the ability to listen to your client & convey back clearly.
  • Non-opinionated: you encourage your client to shape their own solutions.
  • Non-judgemental: you do not judge the decisions or actions of your client.
  • Integrity: the relationship between coach and client is one of mutual respect and trust.

These traits together with the life coaching skill sets and wellbeing coaching techniques that we teach you enable you to become a skilled certified coach.

If you already specialise in a coaching area, such as a relationship coach, business coach, corporate coach, parenting coach etc, then by adding wellbeing coaching expertise together with your skills, you can support and nurture your client more effectively in reaching their goals.

Do you have what it takes to be a great wellbeing coach?
Download our Coaching Skills Checklist to discover if you have the qualities…

The simple answer is YES, you will learn all you need in 5 days.

There are other courses out there teaching how to be a coach over longer periods of time, but we strongly believe that a coach does NOT need to learn coaching theory for an entire year.

Our 5-day immersion training is specifically curated to give you all the information & confidence you need to start as a coach.

The main difference between our 5-day course and longer versions is that we provide all the learning in an intensive full-time week of live teaching whereas the other courses stretch this out with only a few hours per session.

Our experience shows that it’s better to have all the learning and theory in place first, as you can then practise your new skills in a cohesive, inclusive and effective approach.

This course has also been rigorously evaluated & accredited by 2 renowned institutions: The NHS Personalised Care Institute and The Association for Coaching which ensures it is of the highest training quality.

It was very important to us that you are ready and confident. With Dr Maguire’s many years of running her own private practice, she knows what is needed.

Plus her teaching style actually coaches you too, so all the course is around you receiving practical experience in using coaching skills.

Our retention rate is 99%, which is way above the average for the longer courses. This means you will be ready to use your knowledge immediately to start helping people.

So yes, in one week you have all you need to change your life and be a Wellbeing Coach.

“The Wellbeing Coaching Programme at Raw Horizons is by far one of the best training programmes I have attended and I have attended many.
The course is extensive; covering all aspects of wellbeing and there is plenty of opportunity for practice; which of course, leads to greater confidence in delivering the programme.
Claire has an excellent manner of delivery; ensuring that you are confident and well learned while at the same time maintaining a professional and extremely engaging programme. Her knowledge of the subject comes through clearly through her training style.
If anyone is interested in becoming a qualified Wellbeing Coach then Raw Horizons is the place to go... I am glad I did!”

Click here to see the course modules.

Yes, our course is deliberately designed to give you all the skills, tools and confidence you need to start immediately as a coach. There is NO further training needed.

Plus there’s more...

Since we really wish to help you start supporting people quickly, we also give you:

  • The practical aspects of setting up and running your business.
  • Bonus business modules to help make the transition to entrepreneurship less daunting for those with little experience.
  • The integrity & recognition of completing a course accredited by the NHS & The Association for Coaching.
  • Membership with the NHS Personalised Care Institute (NHS PCI) & The Association for Coaching (AC).
  • Ongoing support from us, the NHS PCI and the AC.

In more detail, the practical aspects of running your coaching business cover:

Your Coaching Practice: Getting Organised

  • How to hold a discovery call
  • The Welcome Pack to send out to new clients
  • Discovering your coaching niche
  • Pricing your services
  • And more…

“The course offers so much and more for anyone wishing to pursue a career in Wellbeing.”

Plus the Bonus Business Modules are there for you to follow at your own pace after your 5-day course and include:

Bonus Modules: Setting up your Business

  • Data protection requirements
  • Insurance Considerations
  • Ways to market yourself
  • Easy website creation
  • Business Plan Guidelines specially for your wellbeing coaching business

“The business modules were a great bonus to the Wellbeing course. It lays all the foundations for starting a new business and makes the transition to entrepreneurship less daunting.”

We are here to help you however we can and look forward to following your coaching journey.

See all the course modules covered here…

Our course is accredited with both the NHS Personalised Care Institute (NHS PCI) plus The Association for Coaching (AC), which shows our training is of the highest standard for Wellbeing Coaching.

The Association for Coaching (AC) is the largest and most recognised British based coaching association. It is an international association with members all around the world, but it is more UK/European centric.

The ICF however is the American association and as such more USA based.

As the majority of our graduates are UK, European or Middle East based we chose to affiliate and be accredited with the Association of Coaching plus the NHS Personalised Care Institute (as they are the main British associations).

The UK Health Coaches Association is focussed on serious health illness and chronic diseases. Since wellbeing coaching believes in the overall holistic wellness of a client, this association is not really appropriate.

As your qualification is accredited by the AC & NHS PCI, you are recognised & registered with both. This gives you all the benefits of both associations plus support from their numerous events and workshops.

Read more about our course Accreditations here…

Yes, we are very impressed with how well this format works for delivering the course. Dr Claire Maguire has been delighted at the rapport, intimacy and bonding which arises during the course.

As we post you the course manual, the Zoom online session is more about you listening to Dr Maguire explain & give examples. Plus you benefit from group discussions, smaller break-out sessions and practical coaching skills practise.

We have found that the course via Zoom makes it easier for you to relax during the sessions as you are at home, you can stand up & stretch as you wish. If you’re using a laptop you can also move to another room for a change of scenery.

We love the advantages of the shared group dynamic for in-depth learning and the interactive support it provides.

Plus you get to practise coaching using Zoom, which is an invaluable skill in this transformed way of working together.

Here's a recent student comment:

“I absolutely loved this course! Claire was a great teacher and really inspiring. I have learnt so much and was really impressed at how connected I felt to the rest of the group via zoom. I would highly recommend this course!”

We create a supportive, nurturing space for you, where you can ask questions, contribute ideas and be inspired by your fellow students.

We welcome you to a vibrant, encouraging and inclusive learning environment.


Thank you for a great training course via Zoom.

The course content, material and delivery has been reviewed and approved by The Association for Coaching and the NHS Personalised Care Institute.

As such, your competency is assessed by Dr Claire Maguire by considering your attentiveness, interaction and comprehension of the concepts and skills taught throughout the course.

Hence, group size is kept small so that she can observe everyone effectively during your time together.

With our course, you learn all the life coaching skills plus the additional expertise of coaching for wellbeing.

We believe that one’s wellbeing impacts all areas of life and traverses across both personal and professional spheres and is a very important factor in living to one's full potential.

Hence, our Wellbeing Coach training gives you the foundations of Life Coaching, with the added emphasis on personal wellness.

Our course teaches you how to coach your client to reframe and re-interpret, to establish the way forward, and then support changes in behaviour & habits to ensure they reach their goals.

You can read more here...

Yes, we can help your personal development and here are two options:

Option 1:
By participating in our Wellbeing Coach training, you are also gently coached throughout the journey. As Dr Maguire likes to say: You are your first client!

So, not only do you learn about wellbeing coaching and practise the techniques, you also benefit personally. Plus you are qualified to support family & friends with your new wellbeing skills or to pursue a new fulfilling career.

"This course has also had a wonderful impact on my personal wellbeing journey. Not only am I taking much better care of myself and seeing my own value, I now understand my mind and behaviour in a totally different way. Thank you so much, Claire, for a life changing week."

CLICK HERE for the course modules you cover.

Option 2:
The Curious Club is Dr Maguire’s online community for you to show up for yourself, gently. No pressure, no pushing, no 'you must'…

It is a place to embody your self-care, to nurture you, to focus on your wellbeing and give you a sense of ease as you go about your everyday life.

We focus on a theme every month, delving into it through a wellbeing coaching workshop & then embodying it though breathwork, meditation and kundalini yoga. All of which are wonderful ways to elicit change. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or never heard of kundalini or Breathwork, as you are fully guided and supported.

Each theme builds upon the previous one, so it's best to see The Curious Club as a year programme of transformation and evolution into the next version of you.

"What can be more important in life than paying attention to my own needs? I am so happy to have found space for this, and me, in my life now."

Find out more about The Curious Club and our monthly themes here.

We hope we've answered all your queries and are ready to join us. Have a look at our upcoming course dates:

If you still have any other questions or need any further information, you’re welcome to Contact Us.