Wellbeing Training

Develop your company’s internal coaching capability, ensuring you fully support the emotional wellbeing of all your workforce.

By training key members of your staff in specific Wellbeing Coaching skills, your workforce will have a safe, nurturing environment to go to when needing emotional health assistance and support.

Wellbeing Coach Training is suitable for staff in areas such as HR, PX, Talent Management or Training & Development.

This 5-day course covers understanding the basis of wellbeing, a wide range of coaching techniques and tools plus practical coaching practise with fellow students.

The benefits include:

  • Specifically designed for Wellbeing Coaching
  • Extensive cover of coaching models & practical skills
  • Challenging the misconceptions & stigmas directly
  • Workforce positively supported with their wellness needs
  • Developing an empowering culture where staff feel safe to acknowledge and address wellbeing health issues
  • Instigate wellness initiatives to focus on mental health & wellbeing in the work place
  • Residential fast-track course

Your trained staff will be supporting management by ensuring they are asking the right questions and taking remedial actions:

  • Review job roles: Do employees have clearly defined job descriptions and objectives to help them feel more confident and able to cope? Are there opportunities to keep them engaged and satisfied in their role?
  • Monitor workload: Are employees stretched too thin with too much responsibility and insufficient resources or management support?
  • Dig a bit deeper: Sometimes it will be life outside of work that’s causing the stress or depression which makes employees unable to cope with their normal working day. 

Your trained coaching personnel will have the skills to help staff manage with whatever the cause of their issues.

With one in six adults experiencing depression, anxiety or other issues relating to stress at any one time – and with 12.5 million working days lost annually due to work related stress, depression or anxiety – it makes commercial sense to invest in the emotional health of your workforce.

From a duty of care perspective, this approach fosters a culture of support and openness so that those needing help feel reassured to seek support without any stigma.


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‘Thank you so much for a great week. I have learnt so much on the Wellbeing Training Course and now look forward to putting it all into practice.’ Natalie B