We've worked with amazing people

We've worked with amazing people

I would like to personally express my gratitude to all involved in this course. It has enabled me to take valuable steps to unlock my true potential and empowered confidence to be of service to others who feel languished by their lives.

Jane H.

I'm so glad I finally took this course. It's incredibly well structured and Claire delivers the content expertly.
It's incredible how much information you can take in, in just 5 days, without it feeling rushed. Claire provides lots of opportunities for asking questions and sharing experiences and it felt like a very supportive, well-held group.
It's an amazing course and I'm excited to launch my new coaching business now.
If you're on the fence, just dive in - you won't regret it!

Hannah M.

Definitely worth doing but do prepare yourself for an intensive week. The concentrated nature of the course may not suit everyone.

Prakash B.

The business modules was a great bonus to the Wellbeing course. It lays all the foundations for starting a new business and makes the transition to entrepreneurship less daunting.

Jess D.

Attending this course has not only added to my own personal journey of navigating through life but has given me the confidence, skills and knowledge to really believe that I can help other women on their own journeys.

Catherine B.

It was a very informative course with high-quality content. Dr Claire presented it with great clarity and enthusiasm, sharing with us a vast amount of experience and knowledge. I learned a lot over a short period of time.

Julia D.

This course was insightful and a wonderful week. I feel really inspired to get going and start helping people with their wellbeing.

Lisa W.

A very thorough grounding in Wellbeing and Self-Care. Dr Maguire is enthusiastic and encouraging about Wellbeing coaching. Valuable tuition in setting up our businesses was also included in this engaging course.

Corinne H.

The Raw Horizons Wellbeing course offers so much and more for anyone wishing to complete the course both for their own personal development or for people hoping to pursue a career in Wellbeing. It is thorough, supportive and generous with Claire inviting all kinds of discussions around the modules. There is so much content and amazing homework tasks.....I never realised homework could be so inspiring and uplifting!
I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone who has a passion and interest in changing not only their lives but the lives of others. Best week ever!

Manny C.

I was really excited when I found this course as it seemed to tick all the boxes. The fact that it was also accredited by the AfC and the NHS PCI was the icing on the cake. The course itself exceeded my expectations. We covered so much and it was all delivered with great passion and honesty by Claire.

Olivia B.

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