We've worked with amazing people

We've worked with amazing people

This is a fantastic course for anyone looking to develop their knowledge in wellbeing, upskill with tools and techniques and get ready to coach, lead, facilitate or simply share these in their personal and/or professional life.

Laura E.

The Wellbeing Coach Training with Claire was utterly fantastic in every way. I had previously qualified as a Life Coach but the training I did, didn't feel personal or aligned with me so I felt a bit lost! I was considering whether coaching was actually for me. The week was packed full of information but delivered in such a friendly and warm way that none of it felt overwhelming. It felt as though I'd known everyone for years and I genuinely felt part of a wonderful group. We have gone on to set up a WhatsApp group and will continue to support each other through our journeys and this will DEFINITELY not be the last you hear from me, Raw Horizons! Feeling really excited for the future of my little business. Thank you!

Kate C.

This course is excellent and covers, in detail, all aspects of wellbeing coaching. Progress can be measured throughout the course and the teaching and learning throughout is supportive, informative, knowledgeable and insightful. The training facilitates the sharing of ideas and building rapport with like-minded students, guided by the expertise of Claire Maguire. Thank you!

Michele H.

It is an excellent and enjoyable course. It packs in so much content in just a week. I came out of the week's training feeling knowledgeable and energised.

Mandy B.

I really loved this course and was amazed at how much I learned in such a short space of time and also how much my confidence grew in coaching. If you're interested in coaching, this is definitely the course to go for!

Anna K.

Excellent course which definitely highlighted my strengths and areas to improve. I joined to help me with our wellbeing retreats but opened my eyes to new possibilities of setting myself up as a Wellbeing Coach.

Jane B.

Claire is a really excellent course facilitator - I am an Educational Psychologist and learnt a huge amount more than I already knew through my years of experience / training, but it also consolidated things for me as well.
The most important journey I went on was from some self-limiting beliefs at the start of the week (could I do this wellness coaching??) to absolutely believing I could by the end.
The group also made it so worthwhile and we will continue to support one another going forwards.
There is SO much content and you will need some time to digest it all afterwards.
I was initially wary of doing a 5 day course online but actually, it was easier than in person as the breaks are actually breaks in your home where you can be quiet or do what you need to do, unlike in person conferences. That made it easier for me. Plenty of time for interactions with the group and to ask any questions you need, responded to with patience. Thank you Claire and the team.

Leona B.

I enrolled on Raw Horizons 5-Day Wellbeing Coaching Training knowing that I wanted to support people with their wellbeing, but unsure of how. After the five-day course, I now have a clear vision and goals to work towards.
The course was fantastic, and I'd highly recommend it for personal and professional reasons. Meeting and collaborating with other people on the course was highly enjoyable, and Claire's knowledge, enthusiasm, and support were outstanding.
I thoroughly enjoyed the practical tasks - vision boarding and role-playing - and getting to practise some coaching too.
Now I've completed the course, I feel extremely optimistic about what the future holds, and I can't wait to start coaching.
Thank you so much, Claire, for sharing your experience and wisdom with us. Thank you for also providing a safe and fun learning environment in which I could thrive.

Rebekah L.

I knew I had a passion for coaching and I knew I had some skills, but it wasn't until I did the course that I realised how passionate I was. It was very well-structured, well led and organised. Claire is fantastic and her knowledge but also her bravery and honesty are inspirational. Loved it!

Emily T.

When I signed up, I looked at the course as a formal credential that would augment my credibility as a wellbeing enthusiast. The course delivered way beyond. The course has left me feeling confident about bringing the coaching process and frameworks learnt in the course to the passion and people skills I have. I highly recommend this course as this, apart from giving you a formal certification, will nudge you into application immediately after, and will promptly connect you with an incredible network of subject matter experts and practitioners.

Arindam D.

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